200 câu lệnh tạo ảnh với Dall-E 3

Futuristic Prompts

A futuristic city at night, with flying cars and neon lights.
A high-speed maglev train zooming through a neon-lit cityscape.
A lunar city with domed habitats and low-gravity sports arenas.
An underwater metropolis with glass tunnels and aquatic vehicles.
A spaceport bustling with aliens and interstellar trade ships.
An eco-city with vertical gardens and hovering cars.
A holographic gaming arena where players compete in virtual reality.
A colony on an exoplanet with bioluminescent flora and fauna.
A futuristic medical lab with AI-assisted surgeries and healing pods.
An AI-controlled farming complex in a desert, using advanced hydroponics.
A floating resort in the sky, accessible by airships.
A network of orbital habitats connected by space elevators.
A high-tech underwater archaeological site exploration.
A zero-emission city powered by fusion energy.
A virtual reality art gallery showcasing interactive digital masterpieces.
A cyber-enhanced espionage agent on a covert mission.

Anime Characters

A samurai with a glowing sword standing under cherry blossoms, anime
A magical girl transforming with a background of stars and ribbons, anime
A cyberpunk hacker with neon-colored hair in a futuristic cityscape, anime
A high school student discovering mystical powers in a library, anime
A mech pilot in a cockpit, ready for battle in space, anime
Anime mystical elf archer with glowing tattoos, standing in an enchanted forest.
Anime high school student who secretly is a superhero, posing in a dynamic stance.
Anime intergalactic bounty hunter with advanced armor, holding a plasma rifle.
Anime royal prince with elegant attire and a hidden magical power, in a palace garden.
Anime cybernetic detective with neon accents, investigating in a futuristic city.
A cat-eared ninja stealthily traversing a moonlit rooftop, anime
A young mage casting spells in a forest of glowing plants, anime
A space bounty hunter with a laser gun in an alien bar, anime
A vampire hunter in a Gothic Victorian setting, anime
A pilot controlling a giant robot in a metropolitan area, anime
Anime young witch with a cute familiar, casting spells in an ancient library.
Anime rebellious racer with a custom futuristic motorcycle, on a neon-lit street.
Anime powerful demon lord in dark armor, sitting on a throne of bones.
Anime underwater mermaid princess with shimmering scales, in a coral kingdom.
Anime ghostly samurai with a spectral sword, wandering in a misty ancient battlefield.

Surreal Dreamscapes

A landscape where the sky and ocean merge into one.
A forest with trees that have rainbow-colored leaves.
Floating islands with waterfalls pouring into the sky.
A desert with giant hourglasses measuring time.
A city where buildings twist and bend like ribbons.
A mirror lake reflecting an upside-down world.
A mountain range with peaks that glow in the dark.
A field of flowers that sing in harmony.
A sky filled with three different moons in various phases.
A cave with walls that shimmer with moving constellations.
A path leading to a door suspended in mid-air.
A garden where the plants grow in geometric shapes.
A waterfall that flows upwards into the clouds.
A valley where the shadows come alive at night.
A bridge connecting two different seasons.

Sci-Fi Space Exploration

A sleek spacecraft exploring a distant nebula.
A colony on Mars with domed habitats and rovers.
A spaceport with diverse alien species and interstellar ships.
An asteroid mining operation with advanced machinery.
A massive space battle with laser guns and starfighters.
A futuristic city on a distant planet with alien architecture.
An exploration team discovering an ancient alien ruin.
A diplomatic meeting on a neutral space station.
A scientist studying exotic plants in a space greenhouse.
A space elevator connecting Earth to an orbital platform.
A holographic map room planning interstellar travel.
A spacewalk repair mission on a damaged spaceship.
A crew entering hyperspace in a high-tech command bridge.
A zero-gravity sports match in a space station.
A terraforming project transforming a barren planet.

Heroes and Villains

A hero with the ability to manipulate time, clad in a futuristic suit.
A villain who controls shadows, emerging from darkness.
A hero with cybernetic enhancements for super strength.
A villain with the power to control minds, wearing a sinister mask.
A hero who can become invisible, in a sleek, reflective outfit.
A warrior with the ability to control fire, seeking redemption for a past mistake.
A wise sage who can communicate with animals and interpret their wisdom.
A rogue knight with a mysterious, enchanted armor that has a mind of its own.
A healer who can see and mend people’s emotional wounds.
A blind seer with the gift of prophecy and insight into alternate futures.
A villain who can manipulate elements, surrounded by fire and ice.
A hero with super speed, in a streamlined, aerodynamic costume.
A villain with the power of telekinesis, levitating objects around them.
A hero with the ability to heal rapidly, in a suit laced with regenerative fibers.
A villain who can control technology, surrounded by advanced gadgets.
A tyrant king obsessed with achieving immortality.
A cunning sorceress who manipulates shadows to do her bidding.
A rogue AI with a mission to overthrow human rule.
A charismatic leader of a cult, intent on unleashing an ancient evil.
A vengeful spirit haunting the descendants of those who wronged them.

Futuristic Transport

A flying car with sleek, aerodynamic design and neon underglow.
A solar-powered yacht capable of circumnavigating the globe.
An all-terrain vehicle with adaptive camouflage technology.
A personal hoverbike with advanced safety features.
An underwater exploration submarine with a transparent hull.
A sleek, solar-powered sports car with AI navigation system.
An amphibious vehicle designed for urban and aquatic environments.
A self-repairing car with nano-technology in a futuristic garage.
A flying car with vertical take-off and landing capabilities in a cityscape.
An electric car with holographic displays and interactive surfaces.
A high-speed maglev train encircling a futuristic city.
A space shuttle designed for interplanetary travel.
An electric hypercar with AI-assisted driving capabilities.
A robotic exoskeleton suit for enhanced mobility.
A luxury airship yacht floating in the stratosphere.
A luxury car with a fully transparent, glass-like body.
A modular car with interchangeable parts for different terrains.
A hover car with anti-gravity technology in a metropolitan setting.
A solar-powered family car with an eco-friendly design.
A concept car with shape-shifting abilities adapting to weather conditions.

Steampunk and Retrofuturism

A Victorian city with steam-powered flying machines.
An inventor’s workshop filled with brass gadgets and gizmos.
A steampunk airship embarking on an exotic adventure.
A retro-futuristic train station with steam locomotives and ornate architecture.
A bustling steampunk market selling clockwork devices.
A secret laboratory developing steam-powered automatons.
An undersea adventure in a steampunk submarine.
A sky city with interconnected zeppelins and floating platforms.
A steampunk detective solving mysteries in a foggy, gaslit city.
A retro-futuristic fashion show featuring Victorian-inspired designs.
A post-apocalyptic landscape with steampunk survival gear.
An elaborate steampunk-themed carnival with mechanical rides.
A steam-powered robot uprising in a 19th-century metropolis.
A steampunk version of a famous historical event.
A battle scene with steam-powered tanks and airships.

Time Travel Prompts

A futuristic cityscape with flying cars and neon lights.
A time traveler stepping out of a sleek, holographic time machine.
An ancient civilization seen through the lens of futuristic technology.
A dystopian future with towering skyscrapers and advanced robotics.
A meeting between a future human and an ancient historical figure.
A space station orbiting a newly discovered planet in the future.
A time traveler witnessing the construction of the Pyramids in Egypt.
A futuristic underwater city with bio-luminescent plants and animals.
A time traveler exploring a post-apocalyptic Earth.
A meeting of various time travelers from different eras in a futuristic lounge.
An advanced laboratory researching time travel technology.
A future world where nature and technology harmoniously coexist.
A time traveler attending a futuristic version of the Olympic Games.
A bustling intergalactic market in a future era.
A time traveler exploring a digital realm within a future internet.

Digital Artists

A surreal landscape where the sky changes colors every hour.
A cybernetic forest with neon glowing trees and digital wildlife.
A futuristic cityscape seen through a rain-soaked window.
An abstract portrait with geometric shapes and vibrant colors.
A dream sequence blending elements of space and ocean.
A digital collage representing the four seasons in one image.
A character made of watercolor splashes in a digital world.
A neon street market in a futuristic Asian city.
An interdimensional gateway opening in a modern city park.
A landscape of floating islands connected by light bridges.
A portrait of a person whose features morph into birds.
A modern reinterpretation of a classic mythological tale.
An urban rooftop garden with a panoramic city view at sunset.
A digital rendition of a famous historical battle with a twist.
An underwater city with bio-luminescent lighting.

Urban Exploration and City Life

A rooftop view of a sprawling city at sunset.
An underground music scene in a bustling metropolitan area.
A vibrant street market in a busy Asian city.
A historic European city center with cobblestone streets and ancient architecture.
An abandoned warehouse turned into an art collective.
A high-tech smart city with futuristic infrastructure.
A busy intersection in New York City, teeming with life and energy.
A serene rooftop garden in the midst of a concrete jungle.
Graffiti artists working on a mural in an urban alley.
A bustling cafe on a rainy day in Paris.
Nighttime in Tokyo with neon signs and busy streets.
A panoramic view from a skyscraper’s observation deck.
A quiet bookstore nestled in a crowded urban neighborhood.
A lively beachfront in a coastal city.
An underground subway station during rush hour.

Cosmic and Interstellar Adventures

A journey through a nebula brimming with vibrant colors and star formations.
A space colony on a floating asteroid in a distant galaxy.
An interstellar cruise ship traveling through wormholes.
A cosmic garden with plants that sing and dance to the rhythm of the stars.
A space station that is a melting pot of various alien cultures.
A surreal planet where the landscapes shift and change spontaneously.
An alien festival celebrating the harmony of multiple galaxies.
A spaceship chase through an asteroid belt.
A cosmic library containing the knowledge of the universe.
An intergalactic sports tournament with teams from different planets.
A tranquil retreat on a moon with breathtaking views of its planet.
A space explorer discovering a planet with floating landmasses.
A starship repair station located in the orbit of a dying star.
A planet where the oceans are in the sky and the sky is below.

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